• Simon Kramer

20 Great questions every business owner should ask themselves ...

One of the most useful tools we have while reflecting is the power to ask ourselves questions.

It may seem that we already know the answers to our own questions – so what is the point in asking them?

However, the truth is that questions can help us begin thinking in new ways, which can then help us find answers that aren’t immediately apparent.

The majority of our thinking happens unconsciously. And by asking questions we bring our internal thought processes into the spotlight.

At Effective Accountants, as well as doing all the number crunching stuff we ask our clients some really difficult questions. The kind of questions that force our clients to think really deeply about what it is that they want and what their business needs to be like to deliver what they want.

Once we know what you want, we can help you design a business process and a management structure that has the potential to provide the time and money you need to fulfil your dreams.

1. What would you do if you had more money?

2. What would you do if you had more time?

3. What would you do if you had more information?

4. What do you want?

5. What else?

6. How will you know when you’ve got what you want? What will you see, hear and feel?

7. How’s business?

8. What would you change?

9. What’s working about business/lifestyle/family & relationships?

10. What’s not working about business/lifestyle/family & relationships?

11. What stops you?

12. Where do you hold back?

13. What scares you?

14. What’s going well for you?

15. What are you tolerating?

16. What are you ignoring?

17. What do you leave to others that you should take on?

18. What do you take on that you should leave to others?

19. What’s the problem you wake up to every morning?

20. If you’d earn a million pounds by taking one small step right now, what would you do?

Small business. The entrepreneurial journey. Call it what you will. It can be a lonely place.

If you’d like more time, more money or maybe more of both then you’ll need to know the answers to some very important questions.

Why not work with an accounting firm that takes things personally. Of course it’s business, but it’s really about those of us that put in the long hours in search of something different, something better.

Are you ready for more of the same? Or are you ready for something better?

Take advantage of my limited time offer - Spend half a day with me to find out what has to happen to take your business to that next level.

Call me now on 01992 364740 and let’s put in place some amazing plans for the next decade.

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